Become a Volunteer at The Spirit of The Planet Festival.

We are looking for a bunch of amazing volunteers who are interested in helping out as Spirit of the Planet Festival AMBASSADORS in the lead up to and during the festival in Dubbo in November.

We know that everyone has different skills, so check out the list of jobs we need done and pick one (or more) that suits you. You will get a unique Spirit of the Planet Festival AMBASSADOR T-shirt to wear during the event (and keep) and we’ll make sure to keep you fed and watered.  We need you to be committed, fit, enthusiastic and very helpful to our National and International Guests most of who will never have been to Dubbo (possibly not even Australia) before.
A minimum age of 18 years applies for all volunteers (as at 1 October 2016).
All volunteers will be briefed of their role, at least a week before their allocated duties begin.

Spirit of the Planet Festival DUBBO Volunteer Positions
Is responsible for administration and production duties to contribute to the overall development and/or running of the festival. As such, you must have exceptional computer and customer service skills and be a team player. This is a great opportunity for a person looking for experience in event management. Ideally a volunteer will commit to work regularly leading up to, during and following Spirit of the Planet Festival.
Meeters and Greeters
Are the first contact with patrons; as such they must be friendly and outgoing and comfortable in dealing with the public. Meeters and Greeters must familiarise themselves with the event and venues they are stationed at.
Are responsible for providing registration support during Spirit of the Planet Festival, including movement and coordination of international and national groups.
Are responsible for the setting up, cleaning up and general tasks throughout the Festival. This is the ideal job for active and energetic volunteers.
Are responsible for the overall running of the front and back of house areas and as such they must have exceptional customer service skills.
Rovers are Dubbo locals who have outstanding knowledge of the local area and will act as ambassadors for Spirit of the Planet Festival.
Translators/International Rovers
Translators for a variety of language including but not limited to English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese etc.
If you can speak a language other than English please list language spoken in your registration.
Have knowledge of the Dubbo area and be able to easily translate to groups and individuals throughout the festival.
Ushers will be needed during the festival to be room supervisors, organisers and runners for the parallel sessions that run throughout the festival (main stage, small stage, tribal village, stalls). They will assist (and usher) groups, patrons, performers to where they need to be.                                                                   
Runners will be based with festival organisers and at each of the festival stages, sites and venues and will be the pivotal link back to the main festival coordination site, during Spirit of the Planet Festival. This position may involve the use of bicycles and/or walkie talkie’s to ensure fast movement and communication to ensure everything runs cohesively.
Responsible for all stage assistance from shifting and organising groups, stage assistance, crowd encouragement, assisting groups with costumes/preparation in the green room (backstage). Basically anything to do with the behind the scenes stage performances.
Culinary Crew
Responsible for assisting with the preparation and serving of food for international and national groups at and during the festival (possibly of site at accommodation or group activity day). Also may assist, prep and serve at other food stations that are part of the festival.
Bar and Barista Crew
Beverage carts/bars/stalls will be stationed throughout the festival and there will a number of Bars that will require people with RSA’s to serve during festival operating hours. If you hold an RSA please indicate on your application form.

Let's do this!