The Spirit of The Planet - Dubbo Australia.
November 28th, 29th & 30th & December 1st & 2nd - 2018

The Spirit of The Planet is an international and inter-ethnic event that involves many tribal groups, coming from many continents.
It aims to give everybody the opportunity to cast a glance at the world, to seize a breath of brotherhood and of esteem; a sign of a new perception towards oneness that is repeated each year. This event will bring to Dubbo the traditions, sounds, lifestyles, past and present of people who are different from one another but who wish to make a common reality of reciprocal respect.
It’s not a mere show with choreographed songs and dances - the groups represent the life of these people, their age-old traditions, the opportunity of exchange between community and individuals, the fundamental vehicle for transmitting knowledge.


This Festival was created to give a firsthand account of people who live through their culture daily and share it with others to erase the stereotypes that often do not reflect reality, through the movement of the dances, prayers, spirituality of each of these people and ethnic groups.

The fundamental goals of our work

Promote and facilitate the meeting, mutual understanding and brotherhood of people to help learn about, enhance, preserve tribal cultures, support groups or tribal peoples in the protection and preservation of environmental and economic conditions, are necessary to ensure their survival, the maintenance and use their own traditions.

This event is FREE entry to the public.